DYSG Reader Program

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts (DYSG) has professional and gifted readers at the center. Some of our practitioners offer their readings  as part of the DYSG Reading Program.

They have agreed to offer their readings based on the DYSG Price structure.

  • 30 minute reading for $50
  • 60 minute reading for $90
You may also check out the Practitioners and the services that they offer to their clients. The practitioners set their own fee structure based on education, experience and expertise. 

Readers Gifts

Our readers have a wide-variety of gifts including:


The Akashic Records have often been referred to as the "Hall of Records." The Akashic field is an energetic field of information. It contains information on all living things, property, places and items. It holds the information of past lives, past, present and future possibilities. The records contain all the information on contracts. These readings can bring healing, clarity and guidance to you.

Some of our practitioners provide Akashic Record readings. Check out the practitioner services


The Anahata Codes are the assisting frequencies represented by numerical codes. These codes are channeled to encompass the vibrational essences of various elements' innate healing properties and act as a catalyst for automatic healing responses. 


The Angels will go out of their way to communicate with you. They will leave feathers and/or shiny coins for you to find or you will see the same number series over and over again. These individuals are able to connect you with the Angelic Kingdom and provide you clear messages from your angels. 


These individuals can assist you in communication with your living and passed furry family members along with all animals and animals that you may have connected with in nature. They can provide you with a better understanding of what they may be trying to communicate with you. 


These individuals will provide messages from spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, divine energies and/or groups. Some readers will move into a trance state and others will provide the messages that they are receiving for you. 



These messages come through full color pastal protraits of you. This approach will take you on a journey deep within your soul to reveal what will empower you within your life. 


A medium use their psychic gifts to connect individuals with loved ones that have passed. These messages tend to begin with information that provides you with evidence that the reader is communicating with someone that you are connected with.

  • We do not have anyone at this time in our Reader program.

Some of our practitioners provide Mediumship readings. Check out the practitioner services


These individuals can look at the markings in your hands to gain insight on your emotional health, life purpose, outlook and overall tendencies. Your hands hold lots of information about you and your life and the markings in your hands can change as your life shifts and changes.  


The individualsuse oracle and tarot decks to provide you with answers to your questions and/or confirmation to what you may already know. 

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