Our Beautiful Themed Rooms

The center has beautiful themed rooms. Each of the rooms have different energies and vibrational frequencies that are supporting the center and the work being done. Have you visited our center? Did you get a tour of all the rooms? There is magic in the air at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts (DYSG). 

Throughout the space, we have fairy doors for all of our fairies. Come and see if you can find all the fairy doors in the center. The fairies love our center and they continue to remind us to have fun and play in our lives. 

The Dragon's Den Practitioner Room

The Dragon's Den brings in the FIRE energy of protection. This cave was created to connect the center to the ancient wisdom and teachings of the dragons. These magical beings are our master teachers and they are ready to support you on your spiritual journey. Take a moment and connect with these powerful magical beings.  

The Enchanted Wizard Practitioner Room

The Enchanted Wizard brings in the AIR energy of magic.This room holds our dreams and desires within the magic of the universe. The wizard has all the tools needed to create and manifest your dreams and desires. Come and connect to the magic of this room. 

The Woodlands Realm Practitioner Room

The Woodland Realm holds the EARTH energy. It allows you to connect to Mother Gaia and become grounded in her energies. This room reminds us to be present in the moment and to create heaven on earth. Come and get grounded in her beautiful energies. 

The Magical Unicorn Practitioner Room

The Magical Unicorn brings in the EARTH energies. The unicorn is treasured and protected for their magic. This room will allow you to connect their loving and sweet energy. If you love the unicorns, you will love the energies of this room. 

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