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Discover Your Spiritual Gifts (DYSG) offer a sacred space for their practitioners, readers, teachers and community. We offer an unique opportunity for individuals seeking to start or expand a spiritual business.

What makes us different?

  • We offer our clients and customers a beautiful and sacred experience within our space. You must come and feel the energy of our space!
  • We have built our business model on offering an inclusive community that is open and welcoming to those that want to open their heart and connect. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for everyone. 
  • We provide themed spaces that hold the magical energy of unicorns, dragons, mermaids, fairies and so much more. Step into the magical spaces that have been created for these magical beings.
  • We have staff that are dedicated in providing you an exceptional experience when you visit our center. Ask them for a tour of the center. We love showing the space off to new visitors. 

Have you been wanting to start your own business?


These are small spiritual business owners that are looking to start, expand or grow their business within a sacred community of gifted professionals. These business owners manage their own business and clients, but they get an opportunity to work in a sacred space along with other spiritual business owners. 

The practitioners rent space within the center. They set their own business model, branding, price structures and appointments with their clients and customers. The practitioner has a scheduled day at the center and is provided support from the other team members and staff at the center. 


Discover Your Spiritual Gifts (DYSG) has practitioner rooms for rent. Each of the rooms are beautifully decorated and furnished. They are ready for you and your clients. You can rent the room for one or more days a week. This is a perfect opportunity for new practitioners that are starting out in their own business and want to work one or two days a week OR for seasoned practitioners that are seeking to expand their reach by offering an additional location for their clients.


Here are some of the benefits of renting a practitioner room for a day each week:

  • STAFF: We have staff working at the center. The greet the visitors, answer the phones, check out sales in the store and provide support to the team members. 
  • SACRED SPACE: A beautiful and sacred space for healing, connecting and transforming your client's live.
  • PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS MODEL: The center is based on a professional business model, so all the practitioners are required to have insurance and professional business practices.
  • SANITIZED SHEETS & BEDDING: The center has all the sheets and bedding professionally cleaned and sanitized. 
  • COMMUNITY: A spiritual community and tribe to connect and work with. The team shares ideas and supports each other on their business jourmey.
  • MARKETING: (1) DYSG provides FREE marketing to the community, (2) practitioners get opportunities to participate in DYSG fairs, AND (3) practitioners get to include their marketing materials at networking booths at fairs, expos, and events.
  • BUSINESS COACHING: The practitioners receive hands-on business coaching from Vialet.
  • DYSG MARKETING GUIDE: The team members receive a comprehensive marketing guide to assist them in promoting and marketing their business.
  • REDUCED CLASS/WORKSHOP RATES: The practitioners received reduced rates on classes and workshops with Vialet and other practitioners and teachers at DYSG.
  • PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS: If you need professional photos for your marketing, we have a photographer that will take your photos.
  • PROFESSIONAL VIDEO: If you are part of the DYSG team and renting each week, you will receive one marketing promotional video.
  • YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Your videos will be loaded on the DYSG YouTube channel. Videos are one of the best marketing tools to have. We can assist you with your storyboards and creating videos to use in your marketing.
  • DYSG TEAM EVENTS: Vialet schedules regular events for the team.
  • DYSG BUSINESS & MARKETING CLASSES: Discover Your Spiritual Gifts offers business and marketing classes for spiritual leaders at reasonable rates ($30 per class/per month).
  • LOCATION: Easy access off of Sante Fe & one block south of Historical Littleton.
  • PARKING: Plenty of FREE parking around the building, across the street beside Shootin' Shop South and on the street.
  • INTERNET: Free internet
  • And much more . . . . .

DYSG offers you more than just a space to work in and see clients. You really need to visit the Space to experience the loving, healing and open energy of the Space.

Schedule a meeting with Vialet to tour the Space and to find out more information on the rental prices for the Space. We have practitioners that rent one day a week up to a couple days a week.

Rental Rates

DYSG offers affordable rates for practitioners. Our foundation is built on collaboration and not competition. We look for individuals that are aligned with our values and looking to provide a professional service with a high level of integrity. 


Practitioners have access to their assigned room from 7 am - 5 pm. We have found that practitioners that are available in the center during their scheduled day are the most succesful. We highly recommend that practitioners work the full day in the center from 10 am to 5 pm.

  • Monthly rate of $175 gives the individual access to a scheduled room one day a week. For example: Every Monday
  • Monthly rate of $325 gives the individual access to a scheduled room two days a week. For example: Every Tuesday & Thursday
  • Monthly rate of $475 gives the individual access to a scheduled room three days a week. For example: Every Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday

NOTE: Our weekday rentals are for one or two days a week rental. We have limited availability for individuals that want to rent one or two days a month during the weekday. 

  • Monthly rate of $75 gives the individual access to a scheduled room one day a month. For example: The third Sunday of the month
  • Monthly rate of $125 gives the individual access to a scheduled room for two days a month. For example: 2nd & 4th Saturday
  • Monthly rate of $150 gives the individual access to a scheduled room for three days a month. For example: 2nd, 3rd & 4th Sunday


We also have night time rental availability at the center. You can rent a practitioner room from 5 pm - 10 pm. This is a great way for an individual that works full-time during the day, but would like the opportunity to see clients in the evenings. 

  • The monthly rate is $75 for one night a week. 


The center offers hourly rental options depending on availability in the center. The hourly rate is a minimum of $25. It is $25 for two hours and $10 for each additional hour. The scheduled time includes setup and cleanup of the room. 

The Dragon's Den Practitioner Room

The Dragon's Den brings in the FIRE energy of protection. This cave was created to connect the center to the ancient wisdom and teachings of the dragons. These magical beings are our master teachers and they are ready to support you on your spiritual journey. Take a moment and connect with these powerful magical beings.  

The Enchanted Wizard Practitioner Room

The Enchanted Wizard brings in the AIR energy of magic.This room holds our dreams and desires within the magic of the universe. The wizard has all the tools needed to create and manifest your dreams and desires. Come and connect to the magic of this room. 

The Woodlands Realm Practitioner Room

The Woodland Realm holds the EARTH energy. It allows you to connect to Mother Gaia and become grounded in her energies. This room reminds us to be present in the moment and to create heaven on earth. Come and get grounded in her beautiful energies. 

The Magical Unicorn Practitioner Room

The Magical Unicorn brings in the EARTH energies. The unicorn is treasured and protected for their magic. This room will allow you to connect their loving and sweet energy. If you love the unicorns, you will love the energies of this room. 

Magical Wizard Room

Our magical AIR energy!



Dragon's Den Room

Our protective FIRE energy!



Woodland Room

Our grounding EARTH energy!



Mermaid Splash Room

Our loving WATER energy!



Magical Unicorn Room

Our healing AIR energy!



Fairy Utopia Room

Our playful EARTH energy!



Peacock Spa Room

Our Releasing WATER energy!

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

Business & Retail Hours

Monday - Friday from 10 am to 7 pm
Saturday & Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm
(Closed Major Holidays)

Address & Parking

5808 S Rapp St, Suite 275
Littleton, CO 80120

FREE PARKING at Little Creek Office Building & across the street beside Old Steel Gun Shop.

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